Компания была основана в 1995 году. В течение всего своего существования ARBOR усердно работали над улучшением качества своих товаров и сейчас они выражают надежду, что все произведенные в ARBOR доски займут исключительное положение среди всех известных аналогов. Опыт в обработке дерева и разработке покрытия, а также производстве досок делают это вполне возможным. 

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Arbor Bryan Iguchi '17
Сноуборд Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Snowboard 2017 Even though he got his first pro model over 20 years ago and is currently in his 40s, Guch is still shredding just as hard as ever, and Arbor decided to reward his dedication with the Bryan Iguchi Pro Snowboard. Inspired by the limitless terrain of his home mountain of Jackson Hole, this board shreds everything from technical …
Arbor Bryan Iguchi R '17
Сноуборд Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Rocker Snowboard 2017 If you've been paying attention lately, then you might have noticed Scotty Vine reinventing snowboarding on the Arbor Westmark Snowboard. From hitting unconventional street spots to one-footed double flips over massive park jumps, Scotty gets it all done on the Westmark. A medium-soft flex and true rocker shape combine …
Arbor Clovis '17
Сноуборд Arbor Clovis 2017 Inspired by the shape of Native American arrowheads, the Arbor Clovis Snowboard is what Mark Carter arms himself with when hunting down big mountain lines, massive pillow stacks, and huge backcountry booters. Despite its unique shape, the Clovis actually rides like a twin on snow, allowing you to carve hardpack and stomp switch tricks with confidence.
Arbor Coda Rocker '17
Сноуборд Arbor Coda System Rocker 2017 Designed for the seasoned freerider who knows every nook and cranny of their home resort, the Arbor Coda System Rocker Snowboard knows no boundaries. From carving up groomers to surfing secret pow stashes, and even the occasional park lap, the Coda kills it all thanks to its versatile design.   System Rocker improves on  …
Arbor Coda Splitboard '17
Сноуборд Arbor Coda Splitboard 2017 Ditch the maddening lines and tracked-out snow of resorts with the Arbor Coda Splitboard guiding you to pristine lines in the backcountry. The Coda Splitboard is based off the legendary Coda, but with a reclined version of The System Rocker for increased skinning contact and better float in deep powder. Balancing out the board's full pa …
Arbor Cosa Nostra '17
Сноуборд Arbor Formula 2014 The Arbor Cosa Nostra Snowboard is so fun to ride in deep snow, it's almost criminal. Essentially a souped-up version of the Shreddy Krueger, the Cosa Nostra is a poppy, floaty deck built for surfing bottomless powder and pointing it down big mountain lines. Its directional shape and setback stance, responsive feel, and true rocker performance help  …
Arbor Draft '17
Сноуборд Arbor Draft 2017 Snag the Most Valuable Jibber award this season by spending your first-round park board pick on the Arbor Draft Snowboard. This board was bred for throwing down in the streets and turning the entire mountain into your own personal park. System Rocker and a soft flex make it perfect for buttering, pressing, bonking, and spinning everything in sight, so …
Arbor Element  '17
Сноуборд Arbor Element Snowboard 2017 The Arbor Element Snowboard tends to react violently when mixed with fresh pow and freeride terrain, but in the best way possible. It destroys snow on contact by throwing overhead slashes, ripping chutes, and stomping cliffs due to its System Rocker profile, which gives it the right blend of float in pow and precision on steeps. Howev …
Arbor Formula '17
Сноуборд Arbor Formula Snowboard 2017 Whether you're just learning to link turns or you're trying to step up your rail game in the park, the Arbor Formula Snowboard is an easy and fun to ride board for riders who want to progress without shelling out the big bucks. A versatile flex and System rocker combine to create a formula that's sure to enhance your riding experience.
Arbor Relapse '17
Сноуборд Arbor Relapse Snowboard 2017 Made for the rider who prefers a classic lager to pumpkin-raspberry monstrosities and pepperoni pizza to artisanal flatbreads, the Arbor Relapse Snowboard is a classic park deck with tried-and-true camber and a playful flex to help you get down on everything from park jumps to urban rails.
Arbor Shreddy Krueger '17
Сноуборд Arbor Shreddy Krueger 2017 Terrorize your local pow stashes, groomers, and steeps with the new Shreddy Krueger Snowboard—Arbor's first board with a set-back version of its System rocker profile. This directional gun kills it in powder and technical terrain, but is also surprisingly versatile when it comes to the rest of the mountain. Arbor figured out a way  …
Arbor Sin Nombre '17
Сноуборд Arbor Sin Nombre Snowboard 2017 The Arbor Sin Nombre Snowboard gives you razor-sharp response for carving up groomers, sending intimidating park hits, and tearing up steeps. Falling in the medium-stiff range, the Sin Nombre packs the stability of a freeride board into the directional twin outline of a freestyle deck. Pointy dagger tips emphasize its distinctive all-te …
Arbor Wasteland '17
Сноуборд Arbor Wasteland 2017 Untouched pillows, freshly frosted glades, and virgin chutes beware. The Arbor Wasteland Snowboard is here to rip every fresh line on the mountain, tearing up hidden powder stashes, tight tree runs, and open bowls with its directional twin shape and floaty, shovel-style tips. Continuing Arbor's legacy of woodworking and craftsmanship, the Was …
Arbor Westmark C '17
Сноуборд Arbor Westmark System Camber Snowboard 2017 Arbor created a camber version of the Good Wood award-winning Westmark Snowboard for riders who crave a little more pop and power. A freestyle fiend's best bud, the Arbor Westmark System Camber Snowboard crushes every aspect of the park, from the smallest jibs to the biggest jumps, and it more than holds its own when yo …
Arbor Westmark R '17
Сноуборд Arbor Westmark System Rocker Snowboard 2017 Serving fun into your freestyle sessions, the Arbor Westmark System Rocker Snowboard offers a buttery feel for spinning, popping, and pressing to your heart's delight. Considering its medium-soft flex, the Westmark System Rocker is surprisingly confident for cruising groomers and popping off rollers, all without it bein …
Arbor Zygote Twin '17
Сноуборд Arbor Zygote Twin Snowboard 2017 Paying homage to Arbor's Venice Beach roots with an old-school, skate-inspired design, the Arbor Zygote Twin Snowboard is a non-symmetric twin that slays the park with a buttery-soft flex and true-twin geometry. Distinctive tip and tail shapes offer a throwback '80s skateboard look without affecting switch freestyle performance, t …
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