Arbor Coda Splitboard '17

Производитель: Arbor
Модель: 2017
Артикул: DFARB00BG
Назначение: Backcountry
Категория: Мужской
Цена: $729.00


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Сноуборд Arbor Coda Splitboard 2017

Ditch the maddening lines and tracked-out snow of resorts with the Arbor Coda Splitboard guiding you to pristine lines in the backcountry. The Coda Splitboard is based off the legendary Coda, but with a reclined version of The System Rocker for increased skinning contact and better float in deep powder. Balancing out the board's full parabolic rocker, Grip Tech sidecut adds two extra contact points for improved grip along icy chutes and wind-buffed ridges.
The medium flex and directional twin shape maximize versatility for attacking a wide range of terrain, from open powder bowls to steeps above treeline. Since it retains a centered stance, the Coda Splitboard stomps switch landings when you're spinning off cliff drops and sending backcountry booters. Karakoram clips actively join each half together, allowing for a solid feel underfoot without the excess slop plaguing earlier, more primitive splits.
Скользяк Sintered
Прогиб Reclined The System Rocker (set-back parabolic rocker)
Сердечник Highland (poplar and paulownia)
Мягкость Средняя
Форма Directional twin
Эффективная длина [158cm] 1190 mm, [161cm] 1217 mm, [164cm] 1244 mm
Ширина талии [158cm] 252 mm, [161cm] 254 mm, [164cm] 255 mm
Радиус выреза [158cm] 7.9 m, [161cm] 8.05 m, [164cm] 8.2 m

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