Arbor Shreddy Krueger '17

Производитель: Arbor
Модель: 2017
Артикул: MJ2170453
Назначение: Фрирайд, Пух
Категория: Мужской
Цена: $549.00


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Сноуборд Arbor Shreddy Krueger 2017

Terrorize your local pow stashes, groomers, and steeps with the new Shreddy Krueger Snowboard—Arbor's first board with a set-back version of its System rocker profile. This directional gun kills it in powder and technical terrain, but is also surprisingly versatile when it comes to the rest of the mountain.

Arbor figured out a way to create a setback, directional board that incorporates all the benefits of System rocker. An elongated nose keeps you effortlessly afloat in bottomless snow and the stubby tail helps you drive through turns. Continuous rocker gives it a floaty, catch-free feel and makes turn initiation easy, and the Grip Tech sidecuts features two additional contact points along each edge to allow for reliable edge hold on a rocker profile. This means you'll glide effortlessly through bottomless powder, while still retaining edge hold and drive when you find yourself on groomed slopes or variable snow. So whether it's untouched seas of snow or low tide, you'll have fun when you're ripping it up on the Shreddy Krueger.


Скользяк Fusion (extruded)
Прогиб Reclined The System Rocker (set-back parabolic rocker)
Сердечник Single Malt (poplar wood)
Мягкость Средняя
Форма Directional
Эффективная длина [153cm] 1102 mm, [156cm] 1129 mm, [159cm] 1156 mm, [162cm] 1183 mm
Ширина талии [153cm] 249 mm, [156cm] 251 mm, [159cm] 252 mm, [162cm] 254 mm
Радиус выреза [153cm] 7.65 m, [156cm] 7.8 m, [159cm] 7.95 m, [162cm] 8.1 m
Ширина стойки 2 cm

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