Bataleon Whatever '14

Модель: 2014
Артикул: DFBAT0069
Назначение: Универсал
Категория: Мужской
Цена: $198.00 $129.00


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Сноуборд Bataleon Whatever 2014

Drive through the park like you own it on the Bataleon The Boss Snowboard. Made with Bataleon's signature Triple Base Tech, it features rocker on the sides and camber in the middle for a skate-like ride with quick, agile switch and edge-to-edge transitions. Cambered from tip to tail, it's designed with a wide, stable center, flat from rail to rail, with edge rocker gradually rising from the bindings to the tips for a concave profile that whips in and out of turns and facilitates your flow. The poplar core is reinforced with hardwood at the binding inserts, and fitted between a sandwich of triple-layer fiberglass laminates for a soft-to-medium flex that's ideal for freestyle shredding. Lightweight carbon stringers add strength, rigidity, and pop, a tough, waxable sintered base adds speed and maneuverability, and Bataleon's thinner edges provide more responsive, precise carves, and easier kick into airs and big spins. Get promoted to the top spot on The Boss.

Скользяк Extruded
Прогиб Freestyle TBT
Сердечник Тополь
Мягкость Средняя
Форма Направленная
Эффективная длина [151] 113 cm, [154] 115 cm, [156] 117 cm, [158] 119 cm
Ширина талии [151] 246 mm, [154] 249 mm, [156] 251 mm, [158] 254 mm
Радиус выреза [151] 7.55 m, [154] 7.7 m, [156] 7.8 m, [158] 7.95 m
Ширина стойки [151] 19.9 - 24 in, [154] 20 - 24 in, [156] 20.2 - 24.2 in, [158] 20.4 - 24.4 in

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